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Alec Dorling on ISO-Compliant Document Control

October 26, 2007

Alec Dorling

Alec Dorling, an internationally recognized expert in the field of quality management, process assessment and improvement, has been instrumental in helping us design a standards-compliant document review process. His whitepaper, Smarter Document Control, will be appearing in the upcoming issue of TickIT International.

In the whitepaper, he provides a complete background on the principles and practice of ISO9001 compliant document management, and proposes Coventi as a powerful solution for organizations looking to streamline their document collaboration processes.

He points out that ease-of-use makes all the difference:

“The biggest hurdle in implementing any collaborative software is convincing people to use it. Training and mentoring is usually required to make people comfortable using such software, and if people don’t feel comfortable with the software, they won’t use it.

Highlighting text and writing notes in the margin is something we’re all used to from pen and paper. The same simple concepts are built into Coventi Pages. A reviewer can easily identify comments and changes to be made in a document. All comments are entered into an electronic version of the margins of a hard copy document.

Using a tool like Coventi Pages, the executive sponsor of a quality management system has an instant solution to full life cycle document control. Improved economies and other business benefits can quickly be realized through the use of a more efficient document collaboration, review and approval process.”

The Coventi Team extends a sincere thanks to Mr. Dorling for playing a key role in defining our product and for introducing us to the ISO community.


New Review Features: Automate and Accelerate

May 21, 2007


Recent additions to our feature set have made Coventi Pages the ultimate tool for authors who need their documents reviewed by a group:

1) Review deadlines: If you need your document reviewed by a certain date/time, you can set a review deadline and let Coventi handle the task of sending reminder emails out to the group as the deadline approaches.

2) Approval Requests: Authors seeking a formal sign-off can request approval of their document with a click of the mouse. When a reviewer approves the document, authors are notified over email.

3) Review Tracking: On the “People” pane, you can easily track who’s viewed and/or approved your document.

By combining these three features with our killer contextual discussion capability, Coventi Pages offers an unprecedented level of automation for your group review process. Rather than collating and resolving your group’s comments, circulating each new revision, repeatedly reminding everyone of deadlines, and pinging reviewers for approval, try us for a change. Point your browser at and put your review process into overdrive.

See our extensive Help Center for details regarding these new features, and don’t hesitate to email us at contact AT coventi DOT com with any questions.

Early Reviews from the Blogosphere!

March 26, 2007

Blog Survey

Word is spreading throughout the Web that Coventi Pages is an innovative, easy-to-use, and practical solution for sharing documents on the Internet. Here’s six of our early writeups in the blogosphere: 

Michael Pick of published an exhaustive review of Coventi Pages, praising our “simplicity of design” and novel approach to collaboration:

“By adding a simple feature that acts as a cross between Microsoft Word comments and an instant messaging application, this new online word processor allows you to collaborate with precision, whether you are working together at the same time from different locations, or asynchronously from completely different time zones.”  

“…I can see a range of possible uses for Coventi Pages not currently met elsewhere in the market.”  

Vivek Puri of compares us favorably to Google Docs, and challenges us to keep up the innovation:

“It has been quite sometime since I came across a collaboration tool which delivers features that can make collaboration happen for real. But as always you will have a few smart people working on your wishes. Recently I found Coventi to be just such a team which is making efforts to deliver something beyond the regular collaboration feature-set that you might expect from web-based apps.”

“With Coventi, the complete discussion stays with your document and you can make changes accordingly whenever you want.”   

George Siemens of eLearnSpace compares us favorably to wikis, joining a chorus of educators that see real promise in Coventi Pages:  

“If I want to approve changes (or hold discussions around suggested changes – in context, instead of the “discuss” wiki tab), rather than have them directly inserted into a document, wikis don’t work that well. Coventi combines the collaborative nature of wikis…with the ability to comment and discuss a document (like Word).”  

Miguel Guhlin of Around the Corner v2 sees web-based word-processing with Coventi’s discussion features as a killer app for education:  

“It’s pretty impressive… when can we get these tools to setup in K-12 schools?”  

Miles at the London Advice Services Alliance appreciates our emphasis on discussion rather than group editing:

“Coventi Pages looks to be the most interesting of the emerging players in the collaborative writing space with its stripped down set of writing features (like Google Docs) and strong focus on promoting discussion, highlighting text and notes to the fore.”  

JLTitus from Learning Nuggets is an educator that keeps it short and sweet:  

“Ok, tell me this isn’t TOTALLY cool.”  

Coventi Pages is growing fast, adding scores of new users daily. These first returns are very positive, and reviews will only get stronger as we use your feedback to improve our service.   

So, thanks to all of you who have been using Coventi to share your work online! Keep on spreading the word, and keep your emails to coming!  

Hold the Phone: Pages in Real-Time

February 8, 2007

Using Coventi Pages to discuss your documents is a great alternative to email, but it makes a killer substitute for the phone as well. Coventi Pages’ discussion interface was designed to handle rapid-fire, real-time discussions with your whole team.

Clicking on a conversation scrolls you to the relevant section of the Page, so feedback is targeted and immediate. Discussions are updated every few seconds, so reply posts appear as soon as they’re created. Conversations with new activity bubble up to the top of the list, and stand out visually so that nothing will get missed.

When issues get resolved, conversations are immediately moved from the “Open” list to the “Closed” list. When an author opens a new draft for editing, reviewers are notified. When that draft is made into a new Page revision, everyone is alerted and automatically taken to that revision so that no one gets left behind.

The phone can work when two people discuss a single revision of a document. With Coventi Pages, you and your entire team can take a document from first to final draft in one sitting. I think Alexander Graham Bell would approve.

Questions? Shoot me an email at dan AT coventi DOT com.