Alec Dorling on ISO-Compliant Document Control


Alec Dorling

Alec Dorling, an internationally recognized expert in the field of quality management, process assessment and improvement, has been instrumental in helping us design a standards-compliant document review process. His whitepaper, Smarter Document Control, will be appearing in the upcoming issue of TickIT International.

In the whitepaper, he provides a complete background on the principles and practice of ISO9001 compliant document management, and proposes Coventi as a powerful solution for organizations looking to streamline their document collaboration processes.

He points out that ease-of-use makes all the difference:

“The biggest hurdle in implementing any collaborative software is convincing people to use it. Training and mentoring is usually required to make people comfortable using such software, and if people don’t feel comfortable with the software, they won’t use it.

Highlighting text and writing notes in the margin is something we’re all used to from pen and paper. The same simple concepts are built into Coventi Pages. A reviewer can easily identify comments and changes to be made in a document. All comments are entered into an electronic version of the margins of a hard copy document.

Using a tool like Coventi Pages, the executive sponsor of a quality management system has an instant solution to full life cycle document control. Improved economies and other business benefits can quickly be realized through the use of a more efficient document collaboration, review and approval process.”

The Coventi Team extends a sincere thanks to Mr. Dorling for playing a key role in defining our product and for introducing us to the ISO community.


4 Responses to “Alec Dorling on ISO-Compliant Document Control”

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