New Review Features: Automate and Accelerate



Recent additions to our feature set have made Coventi Pages the ultimate tool for authors who need their documents reviewed by a group:

1) Review deadlines: If you need your document reviewed by a certain date/time, you can set a review deadline and let Coventi handle the task of sending reminder emails out to the group as the deadline approaches.

2) Approval Requests: Authors seeking a formal sign-off can request approval of their document with a click of the mouse. When a reviewer approves the document, authors are notified over email.

3) Review Tracking: On the “People” pane, you can easily track who’s viewed and/or approved your document.

By combining these three features with our killer contextual discussion capability, Coventi Pages offers an unprecedented level of automation for your group review process. Rather than collating and resolving your group’s comments, circulating each new revision, repeatedly reminding everyone of deadlines, and pinging reviewers for approval, try us for a change. Point your browser at and put your review process into overdrive.

See our extensive Help Center for details regarding these new features, and don’t hesitate to email us at contact AT coventi DOT com with any questions.


3 Responses to “New Review Features: Automate and Accelerate”

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