What can I do with a Coventi Page?


Maybe you’re drafting a project proposal.  Or a new resume.  Or a legal brief, college essay, press release, journal paper, the list goes on.

What all of these documents have in common is that they take a few rounds of feedback to get right.  You write up a first draft, share it with people you trust, get their comments, then work the feedback into a new draft, repeating the cycle until everyone is satisfied that the document is done.

In all of these cases, Coventi Pages can streamline the process.  Here are some recent examples of how we’ve used Pages at Coventi:

Video scripts

For the “Introduction To Pages” video, Dan first wrote up an outline of the “scenes” he wanted to include.  We discussed the basic flow over Coventi, then Dan added dialogue, which we tweaked back and forth over several revisions.  Finally, Dan added in the slide timings and descriptions of screenshots for the final script.

Even though we sit in the same office, it was hugely useful to be able to drill down and give each other feedback directly in the context of the script.

Articles of Incorporation

Legalese is overwhelming.  Starting a company requires reading, understanding, and being responsible for more legal documents than I would ever have imagined.  It was a huge help to be able to share these documents on Coventi and ask questions to outside experts who wouldn’t otherwise have had time to meet with us in person.

Meeting notes for our advisors

We have the good fortune of being able to meet with our advisors every week.  They’re very busy people, so the opportunity to meet in person and bounce ideas, discuss strategies and set goals is valuable time.

To maximize utility for everyone involved, each week we write up an agenda beforehand with points we’d like to discuss, then share it over Coventi.  This gives our advisors an opportunity to call out areas they’d like to discuss in particular, and if they can’t make it, to join in on discussions in lieu. 

This blog post

Here’s a nice case of reflexive symmetry.  We’re just getting started with this blog and I wanted to make sure I was setting a tone and pace that matched Dan’s expectations.  I shared this post with him over Coventi, where we pared down my first draft and made it a heck of a lot better.

Your Pages

I’ll stop here from going on about how we use Coventi Pages.  Let’s hear from you.  Get in touch with me at peter AT coventi DOT com or write a comment below, and I’ll write a post about your user story.  Or better yet, we’ll write a post together using Coventi Pages.


2 Responses to “What can I do with a Coventi Page?”

  1. sim Says:

    Great writeup.

    I think design documents, project plans, and executive summaries are some of the most painful documents to get right. Coventi is extremely useful for these more broad reaching documents too.

    Looking forward to the launch!

  2. El yaagoubi ahmed Says:

    Veuillez bien vouloir m’envoyer l’application en version française


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