Hold the Phone: Pages in Real-Time


Using Coventi Pages to discuss your documents is a great alternative to email, but it makes a killer substitute for the phone as well. Coventi Pages’ discussion interface was designed to handle rapid-fire, real-time discussions with your whole team.

Clicking on a conversation scrolls you to the relevant section of the Page, so feedback is targeted and immediate. Discussions are updated every few seconds, so reply posts appear as soon as they’re created. Conversations with new activity bubble up to the top of the list, and stand out visually so that nothing will get missed.

When issues get resolved, conversations are immediately moved from the “Open” list to the “Closed” list. When an author opens a new draft for editing, reviewers are notified. When that draft is made into a new Page revision, everyone is alerted and automatically taken to that revision so that no one gets left behind.

The phone can work when two people discuss a single revision of a document. With Coventi Pages, you and your entire team can take a document from first to final draft in one sitting. I think Alexander Graham Bell would approve.

Questions? Shoot me an email at dan AT coventi DOT com.


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